Athlete Emily - Prep Update

First blog post for me… I thought I’d give you all some kind of an update on my current prep. I am 5 weeks in and have pulled off nearly 10 pounds already, which is a considerable amount for a 5ft female. The plan is simply to compete when I am ready; however based on the current rate of progress, this may well be earlier than planned. 
I took my journey into “the dark side” of bodybuilding last year, in my bid to add on a significant amount more tissue to be competitive for IFBB shows. So my current position is all about establishing the differences between a natural and an assisted prep, having done two natural preps previously…
On the supplement side, there’s nothing to report at the moment outside of my EAAs and whey protein- it’s too early in prep- but Impact stocks a great range of cycle support products that I will be using when I start my prep cycle. In the past I have used the Strom range, namely Lipid Max or Support Max. I use Support Max Joint year round to support my joints- two weeks without once and I noticed elbow pain creeping back- so I am never without it now.
The plan is to compete in a regional 2bros show in the summer- I’ll keep you updated on my progress along this prep, but so far, so good!
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